I bet when you were a young adult getting into your own and working to make something of your life, you knew exactly what made you happy. Take me for instance, I loved listening and dancing to music. I planned my weekends to accommodate every kind of sports I wanted to watch, and I enjoyed loads of trips to the beach, plays, concerts, art galleries and bookstores. Surely, you enjoyed some of those too, as you did with friends at the movies, clubs, shopping, vacations, or simply having them over, cooking, eating, and talking about the life ahead.

The thing is, we tend to forget about all of these as life gets the best of us.

Fast forward to the present, and with so much happening in our lives, we often have to think long and hard about what to do and where to go when we can make the time. And the truth is, it’s not because we do not know, it’s mostly because we keep thinking times have changed. And so much has too. The years of nurturing and parenting, being wives, thousands of hours at work, running businesses and millions of chores around the house, all of the things that makes it so hard to get up and go when the need to so comes along. More often than not, we just roll over and continue as we were.

And we know just how frustrating that can be.

Well, it’s time to find a way to reconnect with self and take pleasure in the little things that used to make you happy. You know, those little stuffs you loved doing, stuffs that cost nothing but will give pleasure and ease off some of life’s stress. Do a list and start with what you can control. The first thing I did was to create a play list of songs that gave me joy, for music lifts me up, and, I needed to start with the state of my mind.

Over the years, I upgrade my playlist often, and I have not stopped dancing, doing so almost every night, and enjoying some wine as I hang out with self. Or my kids. You have to find your happy within your immediate environment. And when you feel like going out, just ask someone already, and if no one is available, find the courage go out on your own. It’s about what you do, when you do them, and with whom. Make your living as easy as it could be.

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