Living is about expressing all the moments as our feelings and emotions move us to feel joy, pain, sadness, quilt, love, hate fear, and more. We are not to repress and suppress these feeling, no matter how negative or painful, for expressing them will help set us free.

Also, we are not meant to linger, or hold on to one emotion for too long, especially the ones that eat at our mind and souls and lead us in the dark places. We are too express our emotions then move, giving way to make room for the feelings and emotions of the next moment, good, bad or down-right nasty. It is what we do with our feelings at the moments of every one of these situations and circumstances is what make up our living.

We all revel in our happy moments, but too often we let the bad moments get to us, sinking their teeth into our souls, and holding on till it takes over our being. Sometimes it takes weeks, or months before we are able to get over the experience. This is way too much time lost, and while we were down under, so many moments left unlived, way too much left undone.

Imagine how much you could have accomplished were you able to suck it up and overcome because you possess the qualities to accommodate the bad moments, and quickly turning them into challenges and using that as a stepping stone, an experience to learn and make amend to do and be better? And if unable to do any of those, to just put the emotion aside and make the effort to embrace something to bring about a new state of mind. Imagine if you could do that, how much control of your living you’ll have.

Life is short, take charge, be more in tuned, learn how and when to quickly let go and move on, less you miss living the moments as you could have lived. It may take some work, but it’s possible, just remember that life is as easy as you can make it


‘Live each moment as I should

P/S I love Me!!!’

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