‘My Journey

My lane

My trip

My life!’

Yes, it’s your life, and you’re expected to live it to the best of your ability, unfortunately, it’s not always the case.

When we travel alone, we can choose our mode of transport and how we wish to engage the trip, but as women, that’s a luxury we don’t have. There are always people who we have to travel with, husbands, kids, family and friends, who most often interfere, stall and influence our doings in ways that does not enable us move according to our pace, or be as we really want to. Being in these situations can be frustrating, but we owe it to ourselves to find the time, will and the capacity to crawl, walk, jog and run according to what current pace and rhythm dictates. And to do so as often and as much as you can, so that our living become as easy as we can make It be.

P/S Love You More.

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