When we think about our lives, we always think of it in totality, a life time of the past and the future, very often not lingering in the present enough, and when we do, its worrying about what to come. But the truth is, life is about the moments that happen within the life span given to us, and for as long as we do not think of it that way, and begin to assume the mentality to take each moment as they happen, our living will not be as meaningful and complete as it should be.

Some of us know that, yet we remain consumed with absorbing and dealing with everything our daily living throws at us, so that we do not have the clarity of mind to do what it takes to live as we could, as we should.

I think it’s time we all learn to live in each moment as much as we can, to be accepting, and deal with all that happens, to enjoy the good, even as we possess the ability to put aside what we can’t solve or fix. After all, why absorb the negative when we can’t do anything about it. We must also ensure that we have many more happy moments, by doing all that will, and can make us happy. And, to share these with the people who matter most in our lives, so that our living will be as meaningful as it should be.

P/S Love You More.

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