Have you ever thought you should have trusted yourself when you felt you should have let go of something, spoken up and be heard, acted, rested, be proactive, conceded, or, most importantly, to not have given people another second chance? It happens more often than we care to admit. And it’s a shame, because had we done as our guts tried to influence, or guide us, we would have been happier, been more content or successful.

This new year, I want to surrender more to self, as my thoughts, feelings and emotions react to stuffs, people, situations and events. I’ve known this for so long, and yet I let fear and kindness stop me from doing and being accordingly, forgetting that, at those times when I step back and trust me, I always come through for me.

Just last week, I had an epiphany. After weeks of working at my project, wondering if I was even doing the right thing and worried sick about what to be doing next, I finally, as usual, got a set of fresh ideas. Suddenly, I felt revived and energised, but not without the chastising thought that I should have trusted me.

Doing something, be it old, new or strange, is not the problem, neither is it the magnitude of what is to be done. We are the problem, the lack of trust in self, and sometimes that is enough, to make us fail, succeed, be sad, happy or unfulfilled.

So, here’s to the next time I get to that point when it seems like I’m running out of ideas, when I feel like I may not know what to do next, or how to, I must trust that my mind will come through with the perfect solution, idea or concept. And even when I feel there isn’t more I can do or provide, because the next step is out of my hands, I only have to trust, trust enough to step back, maybe step out, leave that which I’m doing and concentrate on other things, take the time out to enjoy some leisure activity to give the brain time to tune off so it can experience other stuffs before it tunes back on again, for living is really as simple as we make it. Thinking that, I get up and scribbles a quick reminder love note to self

‘Trust me, unconditionally!

P/S I LOVE Me!!!

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