The vision for is to reconnect long lost girlfriends who have lost contact with one another due to name change. Women change names more often than men, for marital and several other personal reasons, it becomes easy to loose contact once separated.

We each have to live our lives, so, starting from after graduating schools, friends will move, relocate to other countries, change jobs, get married and become mothers, all engaging activities that will see us become too busy to keep up, or stay in touch with friends. And because the chance that over 90% of us will go on to change our names, it will become near impossible to reconnect when we need to. The shared history, bond and trust between old friends is nothing like anything else, for these friends will have come to know us as most will never do, and so, at some crucial points in our lives, we will want them to be part of our present as they can create a vital link to our future, our business and social lives.

We each connect and network to achieve set goals, and I’m certain we all do our best at using what we have to market our products and services, as well as sustain our social lives, but it’s more important that we begin to network in ways that enables us achieve ultimate benefits. The average woman depends on numbers, seeking for a huge number of connections to achieve success, but the truth is, we can maximize the power of our connections by creating the perfect connect circles, ones that includes our trusted old friends, a lot of who we are no longer in contact with, and so, we’re unable to enjoy the benefits that they should have provided. And this is where becomes important, to help us reconnect with as many of such friends, the ones we can partner with, creating business ventures and collaborations, as well as engaging in important leisure activities for a healthy and stable state of mind. provides the perfect umbrella, a promising huge market place with the perfect target audience for all members, under which we can operate within choice friendship circles to achieve unending friendship goals. And, with no fear of interruptions, because, once registered, friends stay connected for lives.


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